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Technical service
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1. Customized Software Development
BTSTC provides software development services based on customer requirements for software features as well as performance metrics and adapts to a variety of hardware platforms.
a) Capture software: Completes detection and locking of target signals;
b) Track software: Real-time tracking and processing of target signals;
c) Data demodulation software: Extracts valid data information from various modulation signals;
d) Scramble / descramble software: Scramble or descramble effective data information;
e) Channel coding and decoding software: Development of  recurrent code codes, concatenated codes, Turbo and LDPC codes in CCSDS standards;
f) Interface communication software: Completes interactive communication between all kinds of buses, synchronous, asynchronous serial ports.
2. Environmental Test
BTSTC has a nationally certified environmental test and testing laboratory which provides temperature shock, temperature cycle, mechanical vibration, thermal vacuum, electromagnetic compatibility, thermal balance, and other environmental reliability tests according to industry standards.